Lifestyle Analysis

Brisbane specializes in creating the following trial-ready forensic accounting reports, which are prepared with unmatched efficiency, speed, and quality. 

Divorce proceedings are among life’s most stressful challenges, and that stress becomes magnified when clients don’t have the financial answers being demanded of them. Brisbane can hold a lens to these concerns and ensure that no document, statement, or expense escapes our scrutiny. Just as a magnifying glass bends rays of light to reveal a clearer image, Brisbane focuses disparate and intricate financial data into all-encompassing reports that give a clear image of financial reality. This means you and your client will be fully prepared with corroborating declarations that give the case every advantage available.

Lifestyle Analysis

These comprehensive financial reports ensure that spouses can accurately complete a Statement of Net Worth and comply with their financial disclosure obligations in a timely manner and avoid the pitfalls of incomplete or inaccurate data.

Forensic Lifestyle Analysis

Not all expenditures can be tracked through credit card or bank statements. Oftentimes a client’s financial history arrives in a shoebox filled with crumpled receipts and handwritten notes. In other cases, income has been intentionally underreported. The experts at Brisbane excel at organizing and making sense of large amounts of data and producing a thorough and definitive summary of the parties’ lifestyle.

In our sample report, available by request, we meticulously evaluate vast amounts of expenditures during multiple years and categorize payments to provide an accurate, comprehensive, compelling analysis of household spending.

Dissipation Analysis

Unfortunately, sometimes marital funds are used for purposes that do not benefit the marriage and fraudulently reduce the value of the marital estate. Proving asset dissipation requires an exhaustive analysis and tracing of expenditures. Brisbane specializes in tracing analysis, and our reports are often used to recover assets for the offended spouse and obtain a more equitable distribution for your client.

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