Forensic Accounting

Business today is complex and full of challenging situations. Perhaps none is more challenging than those involving litigation and a forensic accounting investigation. These challenges require specialized, experienced and capable support. Our experienced accounting professionals focus on providing litigation and forensic accounting services, conducting fraud investigations, and assisting counsel in litigating cases.

Investigative Accounting

As CPAs, CFFs, and CFEs trained and experienced in investigative accounting, we are often engaged to uncover hidden assets, unreported income or overstated expenses and other misstatements involving the financial disclosures of an individual or business entity. We have also been engaged to investigate the potential for financial fraud or quantify the monetary damages for prosecution and insurance recovery purposes.


ALWAYS VIGILANT Creating an Effective Anti-Fraud Environment

by Douglas Sosnowski

Fraud and abuse costs businesses owners more than $650 billion annually, the most costly abuses occurring in companies with less than 100 employees.  This presentation will explore the different types of fraud and common schemes utilized by embezzlers.  We will identify the warning signs and provide recommendations for creating an effective anti-fraud environment.  You will also learn proven methods used to detect fraud and deter other employees from engaging in criminal activities.   

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