Matrimonial Consulting

We specialize in the financial aspects of divorce and have assisted attorneys as consultants and experts in the valuation of intangible assets such as the goodwill of a closely held business or the enhanced earning capacity of a degree or license earned during the marriage. In addition, we value pensions and stock options and participate in settlement negotiations and mediation. Finally, we have testified in numerous divorce cases and have served as court appointed experts.


Stock Options

The issue before divorce courts is the extent to which an interest in a stock option plan constitutes marital property when the plan comes into existence during the marriage but is contingent on the employee spouse´s continued employment after the divorce. We have significant experience in determining the appropriate coverture fraction and have valued stock options for publicly traded companies.

Pension Valuation

In some cases, the participant spouse might offer to buy his or her spouse out of their share of the pension. Applying the marital coverture as required under case precedent, a pension valuation can be provided quickly and inexpensively.